Research Group of Prof. R. K. Peddinti
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Asymmetric Synthesis
Domino Protocols
Green and sustainable Chemistry
Oxidative Dearomatization of Aromatics


The main focus of our research group at IIT Roorkee is towards development of simple and facile strategies for synthesis of molecular frameworks with complexity and also with of biological and pharmaceutical relevance. In this direction, we have been working towards understanding and modulating the reactivity of benzoquinone ketals/imines/imides for synthesis of diverse molecular frameworks and made significant progress. We have developed novel organocatalysts and studied their catalytic activity in enantioselective synthesis. In addition, our research is focused towards domino/green protocols for obtaining polycyclic systems with impressive stereocontrol. Some of the compounds synthesized in the laboratory have been evaluated for their anticancer and antimicrobial activities.

  1. The group has developed various asymmetric organocatalysts from naturally available proline and derivatives of camphor-10-sulfonic acid and glucosamines. The catalytic activity of these organocatalysts has been investigated in various asymmetric transformations.

  2. Novel sugar derivatives were synthesized.

  3. Developed green protocols for the synthesis of an array of heterocycles under solvent-free and catalyst-free conditions. Synthesized several vesicular acetylcholine transporter inhibitors.

  4. Highly unstable o-benzoquinone monoimines were chemically generated for the synthesis of hitherto unknown 1,4-benzoxazine derivatives.  

  5. A plethora of halogenated bicyclo[2.2.2]octenones were synthesized.